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Not for me

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I started reading Corrupted Humours by Donald Friedman with high expectations. I normally enjoy the books I get from BookishFirst. This one, not so much.

The story starts off with Albert Snaedeker, a psychiatrist, going in for a routine gastric procedure but ends up dead when he explodes on the operating table. A strange, strange idea for a story but ok lets give it a try. The family then hires a novelist to investigate what happened.

The story itself is odd and a little weird. The writing style is very unique and over all I didn't mind it except for the fact that there was no use of quotation marks. Why?? Is there a reason writers don't use quotation marks?? I do not understand. Also, there is a lot of sexual dialogue which normal I don't care about, but here seemed a little over the top.

This was a hard book to read and I defiantly wanted to DNF. Not my favorite by any means and I won't be recommending this one to any of my friends.