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Not for me

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The writing style, plot and characters just did not work out for me. I cannot pin point one exact thing that was wrong for me other than i did not connect well and did not find anything intriguing. I stopped and started several times but after the third time i just could not keep going.
The writing style was very descriptive and drawn out with lots of words that i did not understand. I hope to revisit this and change my view but at this time id rather read something that can hold my interest.
also not to be extremely rude or out of the way but the author kind of seemed pompous his writing made me feel like he was saying " im better than you" it basically made me feel like lower class trash because i could not understand the words in this novel. Corrupted Humors sounded like it was going to be a fantastic story of duel storylines that would come together. A story of a freakish death in the OR, romance, and a mysterious investigation. Sadly, the synopsis was well baited, and in my opinion sold a pretentious and lackluster story as something that it was not!