For Fans of The House Of God

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Thank You so much to Bookish First for the e-ARC of Corrupted Humours by Donald Friedman.

When I originally read the excerpt, the book sounded like another vaguely cynical medical valentine for healthcare workers in the vein of House of God, but it really wasn't.

Corrupted Humours had it's merits, a few ridiculous fart jokes and some things that I could definitely appreciate as a nurse. Some of his surgeon insights are spot on ha ha

It took me quite a while to figure out where the book-within-a-book was going, before I realized that the storylines were vaguely tied together as characters from real life were being placed into the reporter's story.

The writing style in general was just dry and hard to follow for me. The characters were intermittently funny but it was hard to keep anything in my mind due to the unreadability of it.

Overall: I'm thinking an aging surgeon with a lot of self importance would love this, but the layperson might not comb through the entire book to get to the bottom of the explosive gas mystery.