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Fart jokes and Suspense

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Corrupted Humors is a novel about a writer investigating an accidental death.

You should know this book is a little misogynistic. Lines about how women attack at the first whiff of fear were straight out of the men writing women subreddit. The author could be gentle with his female characters but only sparingly—lots of women cheating and lying in this book.

The novel within a novel is fine but not great. If you’re expecting The Blind Assassin-level novel-within-a-novel, well it’s not quite there.

The story was fairly interesting if you can ignore all the negative comments about women, which I couldn’t do. But the plot is laid on thick and could have been executed better. It’s not awful but there are a lot of uncomfortable parts. There are several threads that I think meant something but weren’t tied together neatly. And honestly, I couldn’t tell you any of the larger themes. I think perhaps the novel needed an editor to come in and clean it up a bit and tighten the plotting. It’s supposed to be a suspense novel but the answers don’t come until the epilogue. And there are entire characters who could be cut.

There’s a chunk of the book dedicated to farts which is quite funny. Basically, come for the fart jokes, stay for the wacky writer trying to get his life together.

I received an advance review copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Tw: rape