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I tried very hard with this novel, I really did. It is my opinion that the author writes well, so that was not the issue. Actually, the quality of the writing probably kept me interested and pushing on far longer than I should have. I liked the device of a novel within a novel and really would have liked to see the mystery of what happened to Snaedecker solved.
I made it to page 105 out of 288, or 36% of the way through the book. Two hundred and eighty eight pages isn’t really that long for a novel. So why couldn’t I finish this book? Ugh, at the risk of being labeled a prude, it was in part how hyper-sexualized the story was. It was smut for the sake of smut, even worse than “bodice ripper” romance, where at least the sex has a point. Also, every single character was insufferable.
This novel has the honor of being my first ever DNF.