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But I still have so many unanswered questions!!

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Thank you Bookish First for offering the raffle & providing the ebook. I was mildly interested in this book after reading the First Impression so I was looking forward to reading the full story. The only part I was really interested in was the investigation into Dr. Snaedeker's death and unfortunately, the book didn't address it as much as I would have liked. The chapters alternated between Berk's personal life (the journalist investigating the doctor's death) and his fictional report of the dead doctor's wife titled The Chatelaine. I thought I was going to see how Berk investigates the case and also see the events leading up to the doctor's death through The Chatelaine chapters, but it wasn't! I read so much fluff about Berk's life and the dead doctor's wife which didn't really relate to why the doctor died and how it was done. In the epilogue, it mentions the events that led to the doctor's death, but again I don't know who planned it and why it happened. I think the epilogue was an attempt at giving the reader some closure, but it still left a lot of ends open and questions unanswered.
The way the story was written didn't really bother me: there were many long sentences, many tangents, and references, and occasionally a really obscure and complicated word would pop up. What bothered me the most was how I got no closure about the case and the rest of the characters in the book didn't care about it in the end, so what's the point.