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A Complete Waste of Time!

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I was really intrigued to read this book, and was sorely disappointed in the outcome. I feel that Donald Friedman carries himself in a very pompous manner. I felt like his writing screamed, ‘I’m better than you! If you don’t understand you are not educated! If you don’t understand the vocabulary get a dictionary!’

Corrupted Humors sounded like it was going to be a fantastic story of duel storylines that would come together. A story of a freakish death in the OR, romance, and a mysterious investigation. Sadly, the synopsis was well baited, and in my opinion sold a pretentious and lackluster story as something that it was not!

Overall, I would really like to give Corrupted Humors zero stars out of 5, but I will give it 1/2 star out of 5 and round that star up to 1. This piece of literature, if you can consider it a piece, is utter garbled garbage! Nothing but a lot of rambling, old perverted men wanting young women, old perverted women wanting young men, and more nonsensical rambling to fill pages. I highly disliked this book, and would never recommend it to a friend. I will never be touching a work by Mr. Friedman again. Utterly horrible.