This book has an apt title!

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Review Thanks to the publisher for a copy to read and give my opinion.

I'm a big fan of this author so I was excited to get an ARC to this new series. I just have to say this.... I was consumed by this book. I was on an airplane as I read and I don't even remember the flight. The author just grabs you and JUST DOES NOT LET GO. Freaking amazing. Danny and Anne were just hot as a nuclear fire. What they go through is just horrifying and you just cheer throughout this book that they will make it through. I'm not going to spoil anything but be prepared to get swept.

What did I like? Amazing characters. You could just feel their pain and just suffer right along it was so intense. Fire fighters do such an amazing job and the author just nails them. I had a long relationship with a fire fighter and its amazing how much she captured.

Would I buy this book? Absolutely, I just know I'm going to love this series just as much as her others.

Thoughts for the author? The way you wrote this book was just phenomenal. I can not describe how much this book sucked me in so much that I did not want to put it down. Five amazing stars!