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First book in a new series and first Ward novel that I have read. I was EXTREMELY excited to have won this from Bookish First! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! AND I loved it! I was not surprised at all. As the book opens, Danny and Anne, both
firefighters, are on the verge of an explosive and exciting relationship....followed by riveting story of their growing love for each other amid many obstacles and a great story. After Anne has a life-changing experience on the job, she becomes an arson investigator which makes the story even better--as she then starts investigating a string of recent suspicious fires, a dangerous path for her to be on. I could NOT put this book down. IT is a thriller and full of non-stop action told from multiple POV's which I loved. The characters are diverse and raw, honest and so well-written. Also, Loved the twist that I did not see coming. I will definitely be looking for the next book in this series...
Ward is definitely a new favorite of mine!!