Emotionally gripping!

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This book started on such an adrenaline rush. My emotions climbed up and down right alongside Danny and Anne and before I knew it, I'd blown through the first 8 chapters and the rest is history. Read it in one seating and it was totally worth my lack of sleep and zombie impersonation everyone got to see the next morning.

This was not my typical romance read (no soft pink glow here) this was raw, emotional and dealt with a lot of harsh reality. Anne and Danny are characters with a ton of baggage and the first 25% of this book pretty much ripped my heart out over these two. Then there is all the secondary characters that were equally riddled with bad luck and family drama. This book was a bit of a downer and got a bit bleak at times but is really well written. Even with the continuous hard knock, after hard knock for these guys, I couldn't stop reading and was sucked right into the story line.

I honestly don't know if my rating is accurate because I kind of have a love/hate thing going on with it right now. I will say it left an impression, it was memorable and left me curious about the fate of the rest of the 499 team.