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Emotional Romantic Suspense

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Anne followed in her family's footsteps and became a firefighter, stepping up her game to keep up with the boys. When she makes a mistake during what seems like a routine fire, she ends up costing herself her career- and almost the life of the one man she secretly loves. Danny would do anything for Anne, even if that means running blindly against orders into a burning building to save her at the risk of his life. When the night of the fire ends up costing both of them, how do you move on?

Oh my geez, the feels! Sure this book has some fire fighter action, danger and medical emergencies as well as an underlying mystery- but the star of Consumed (for me at least) is the relationship dynamic between Danny and Anne. The sizzle and the angst had me all wrapped up in the book, not wanting to put it down until I reached the end. I felt like at times the fire investigation was a hindrance to get to the charged moments between Anne and Danny that I craved. I was emotionally connected to both characters, flaws and mistakes and all, and I wanted nothing more but for them to have a happily ever after. Consumed is not a happy easy read but one that I am ever so glad I got to experience.

The fact that Anne against her will adopted Soot was my absolute favorite part of the book. She did not even realize that she was missing out on personal connections and interaction until a furry body needed her. Danny was a hot mess for sure, but the fact that he knew his own feelings and would admit them endeared him to me. Anne on the other hand felt so cold and distant, unable to see what was in front of her, made me want to shake her! Watching the two interact had me on the edge of my seat, for realsies and I was so anxious to see how everything would play out.

Side note here- Consumed brought up how mentally damaged firefighters can become over time from the stressors of the job, and if even a fraction of the stuff in this book is true, it really hurts my heart. To think the people who risk their own well being to save others with the emotional turmoil showcased in here is pretty awful. I really like that Ward shows the importance of seeking mental help when needed, that it can help heal to talk and it is never a weakness to realize you have a problem and need assistance.

I really hope that there is another firefighter HEA book to come from Ward because I 100% need more of this. Make sure you are ready to binge when you pick up consumed because that is what will happen.