Dramatic Beginning to what should be a fantastic read

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I really love the cover for Consumed. Not only is it both striking and beautiful, but it's evocative of the subject at hand. It's hard to find the perfect balance between those conflicting goals with covers, but they nailed it here.

The description for Consumed had me curious right from the start. What exactly happened that made our protagonist go from firefighter to arson investigator? We can tell that it's a tragedy, but is it something that happened to her, or somebody she loved? Regardless, it's clear that from her background she'll be driven to catching the implied arsonist.

As for the first look - it has been captivating so far. I can already see better how things will fit together, how she ended up changing her careers. This was only one chapter, but I'm already invested in what happens to the main character, and I really want to find out who did it and why. Well done and brilliantly written!