Odd Article Adventure

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This book isn’t really like anything else I have read before…and by that I mean it’s extremely weird. But unique and weird are not the same as bad and I genuinely enjoyed the story. It reminded me more of Castaway that it did Life of Pi, but overall it was an easy book to get through. I didn’t care much for the narrator but I think he was constructed to be disliked so he really worked. I did like the Intuit folklore woven into this story, and I found an adventure in the Arctic very interesting and not something I have seen much. The narrator, typically referred to as Guy, started out as a historian but has morphed into more of a story teller or entertainer and lost a lot of his authenticity in the process. He has told tales of the floe, an amazing phenomenon in the north but he has never seen it and after being called on this he decides it’s something he should see. This starts him on an adventure like he couldn’t have imagined and one that others will twist into their own stories.