A Modern Classic

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Compass tells a story from the unreliable view of “Guy” an unnamed protagonist you love to hate, hate to love, and somehow end up loving. Going into this novel I didn’t think I would enjoy it because of other reviews and its setting. However, I absolutely fell in love with every second of this story.

We follow Guy as he embarks into the Arctic north of Canada to confront the Floe Edge. When he is separated from his guide, he finds himself adrift in the sea with nothing but a week’s worth of food, a shabby shelter, and the wrong clothes. As time goes on he finds himself more and more disoriented as seals and walruses talk, the ocean tries to kill him, and an ancient sea goddess focuses on him with a vengeance.

By far my favorite parts of this book were the questions you had to ask yourself along the way - what choices would you make in this situation? How unreliable was Guy’s narration in the end? What really is reality? It is rare that I call a book a modern classic but Compass is well deserving of this title. 5/5 ⭐️