The untold stories of women in greek mythology

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I was extremely invested in the preview of this novel. Personally, I am a huge fan of greek mythology. But often, you only hear the stories and myths of heroes and gods who accomplished a mission and defeated evil, etc. But you rarely hear about the women of ancient greek besides the fact that they mothered these heroes. The protagonist is the elder sister of Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman that sparked the Trojan war. Unlike her sister who has men fighting her left and right. Clytemnestra married for what she thought was love to a foreign king. Previously, free, brave, and strong as a woman of Sparta. She now lives in chains bound by marriage as she must submit to her husband and endure the abuse. I also just finished Game of Thrones and she really reminded me of Cersei Lannister in a way. I hope she will scheme her way to take her rightful place as a queen of the "iron throne"!