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That opening line makes it hard to not want to understand what is happening. I found that I was so into the book the next time I looked at how far I had read I was half way done with the sneak peak. I really enjoyed how we were thrown straight into the world. It was fast paced from the beginning and the world building was just the right amount of confusing to get me hooked.

Also minor but I love that the books contains chapter titles! This is a trend I really want to come back. This books will be great for those looking for an easy introduction into greek mythology. There have been other books in the past years that were hard to follow, but this one is able to easily explain and capture the parts of the mythology which is hard to follow.

I absoluetly adore the relationship between the sisters. Especially love how strong hearted and minded Clytemnestra is. I think this book will be one heck of a ride for those who love a strong hearted main character.