Will Suffering End?

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I received the book,I was so excited and also got the book download from Net Gallery to read and write a review! This girl can't win for losing being punished for surviving the Nazis. The people she meets along her way ,you can like almost, see them as they go day by day trying to survive and then how can people be so mean and not have feelings for being a bully to others who have nothing. You watch as she grows year after year,you want so bad for her to make it out of that Russian prision. You will fall in love with these people feel their pain and want the best for them all. Not going to tell all the story then you won't read this book and it really is a good read. The history behind this book was researched very well. Happy Reading🙈🙉🙊You will cry in this story,you will laugh you will get to know each character so well that you believe they are real!! There were some good people on the bad side watching out for these prisoners caught up in a terrible horrible time! It is a very much want to read book! If you don't read this book,you are missing out!!