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Fantastic, yet heartwrenching

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"It has been very hard for her to continue believing when it truly does not seem that actions are fairly rewarded or punished, when it seems instead that events are random, and that life is chaotic."

Cilka's Journey was a fantastic yet heartwrenching follow-up to the Tattooist of Auschwitz. I actually liked it a bit more, possibly because I could relate a bit more to a female narrator.  I realize that this story isn't a completely factual account due to Cilka having died before the story of her time in the Gulag was written, and Lale being over 80 when remembering his account of her life in Berkenau. However, I don't feel that this detracts from this book at all.  Heather Morris is gifted writer, filling in the spaces with researched information as well as  fiction.  While both of these stories cover very heavy topics, the books are very easy reads. The pages seem to just fly by.  I look forward to future works of hers one day.