Gives off Anne Frank Vibes!

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This book will remind you of Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. The setting of the story is well described. You can feel the pain and suffer the protagonist is going through. At times you may want to go inside the book and help her out.

It is about a girl who was captured and imprisoned by the Nazis. She was desperate to survive and did what she had to do. However, the Russians would not like anything or anyone touched by Nazis. Even if it means it was forced. The author gave us a good and unexpected twist.

I personally thought that the protagonist is going to be free and maybe the book will deal with outside problems. But no, (SPOILER ALERT) Author had to throw this at us when we were not prepared. Our MC survived by being a prostitute for the Nazis. Yes, this is where it will strike you how desperate and helpless people were at the point of time. And you have to clutch you heart.

The only cons is I would suggest the author to change and edit some of the dialogues. They take the excitement away. And also if you could change the cover. I know its supposed to be gloomy and all but covers do catch attention.Other than that it is a Must Buy book!