An Amazing Beginning

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First of all, the cover is very intriguing. You don't know who this woman is or where her journey will take her. You cannot tell if she is warm enough or what she carries inside her suticare, but it is captivating. You want to learn all of these details.

The first chapters are absolutely amazing. You have an 18 year old woman who just managed to survive 2 of the hardest years of her life, who is all of a sudden accused of being a spy by the same men who were sent to save her. There is a slight hint of the things she had to endure to assure her survival, but it's just enough to grab your interest and make you want to continue reading about all the trials and tribulations.

Once she is put on the train, it is almost as if she never escaped in the first place. She is surrounded by other women who did noting but whatever was necessry to survive but who are all accused of aiding the Nazis. They are shoved into the trains like cattle, JUST like their Nazi enemies did, and given not enough food or water to keep them alive. Girls are dying left and right, just like the nightmare they just escaped from.

It it such an intriguing beginning and I am so curious to find out what else happens along the journey!