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Warm and thought provoking

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This is the first book I have read by Lorna Landvik and it definitely won't be the last. The writing is very descriptive, insightful and warm with an added bonus of recipes. The two main characters are Haze, an elderly woman, and Sam, a teenage boy. Haze has written a column for a small town Minnesota newspaper for fifty years. When she is hospitalized for a stroke, the paper's editor decides to rerun Haze's columns. Sam, who is the editor Susan's son, is given the summer job of going through the old columns and deciding which columns should be republished. Sam goes from being an insecure young man to developing confidence over the summer. Sam, as well as all the other characters, learns about human frailty, compassion and love over the summer. Lots of life lessons not only for the fictional readers of the column but those reading the book as well. A positive and uplifting read!