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Probably one of the best books I've read in a while

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I adored this book. I adored Haze Evans without her even uttering a word in the present day of the book. She had a long career at the Granite Creek Gazette (her town's paper) and she was NOT afraid to write about tough topics, especially topics that she knew would make people angry.
The story starts with Haze in the hospital after suffering a stroke. It's not looking good for Haze, so the Gazette choices to honor her and runs some of her past articles (that are complete with recipes). Susan, who runs the paper and loves Haze, enlists the help of her reluctant high schooler who is to weed through the articles and provide Susan with ones to run. He grows to love Haze's words and even the reactions that her articles bring.
As I said, Haze never says a word throughout the story, as she is in a Coma for most of the book, yet she still speaks through her writing. She holds nothing back and writes about topics that people wouldn't dream of writing about when she was in her prime. She writes about her husband, her miscarriages, her husband's death, her friends, events that happen (such as the Challenger and more) and goes all the way up to 2016. Her words will make you laugh and will make you cry.
If you have not read this already, you need to!