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Oh my goodness gracious...a “laffative!!” Where can I get this absolutely NECESSARY prescription filled? I am literally LOLing! I think that popping some M&Ms would make me awfully happy, if you want to just put some of those babies in a bottle and call it a day!

I must admit that I have a bit of author shame and therefore am a bit embarrassed that I have never heard of Lorna Landvik before this book. How is that possible? But... what I can absolutely; POSITIVELY tell you is that I already adore her writing in just this very brief first look. Collagen for the soul!

I can’t wait to read her goofy responses and quirky advice...I was a writer at a local newspaper myself and I often found interviewing certain people a riot. I am sure I will be able to relate to both the paper’s columnists as well as the readers.

I love the title and cover, love the main character’s personality already and can’t wait to read some recipes ( and maybe make some too).

PS- Everyone has that cheap friend like Lois in their lives pmed I won’t mention any names since all of my girlfriends read my reviews.