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This is an extraordinary take on contemporary romance by Ali Hazelwood. I went into this book excited, bedazzled, so ready for everything that Hazelwood had to dish out. And she did not disappoint.
From the beginning, the characters were likeable, palpable in everything that they did. You get to know the main characters well, with plenty of room left in the limelight for the side characters also.
You fall in love with the stage setting, the articles, the rivalry between people. It is simply timeless.
I really admired how Hazelwood chose a topic, chess, that is not often seen in fiction. It was clear throughout that she did her research and was well educated in the subject - as is the bare minimum. Additionally, she truly brought it to life. I found myself rooting for Mallory as she worked her way back to her level of finesse. The character growth was phenomenal.
However, I don't kno w if I wouldn't marketed it as YA. Honestly, it could've fit right in with NA, in my opinion. There was somewhat of an older feel to it.
In any case, I would recommend this book to anyone.