Twin Flames

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Ah! Thank you, thank you bookishfirst for giving me the opportunity to review one of my anticipated books for 2023!!! I was immediately engrossed and captivated from the first page! It had a perfect balance of suspense, action and fantasy. I enjoyed going on the ride with these characters and can now add them to my ongoing love of fictional characters. I will admit that I would love to have heard from Talon's brother point-of-view. He was the key component of Talon and Darling path's crossing. Even if his thought process would reflect similarity to Juliette from Shatter Me. I wish there was more effort put into the "romance" of enemies to lovers, it's one of my favorite themes. This was told from duo perspectives and it helped to see their individual worlds based on their family reigning history. What is really exciting was the plot twists at the end. It is a part of a duology, yippy, and am looking forward to its sequel.