So excited!!

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This preview made me even more excited for this book. Will & Tessa were my favorite thing about TID, and getting the opportunity to read about their kids is so amazing! I feel like every Cassandra Clare book adds new layers to her complex world and I’m excited to see the ones this trilogy will contribute! Also incredibly excited to meet Cordelia, I have a feeling she’ll be my favorite Cairstairs and even surpass Emma!

I am also very excited to get to know Lucie better. I feel like we know a little bit about most of this characters due to the fact that we’ve seen family trees and know things about the past, but for the most part, lucie has been such a big enigma and I have so many questions about her that I’m hoping will be answered in this series!!!

This was such a great preview and now I’ll go back to counting down the days until I can finally hold this book in my hands.