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I'm going a little backwards with the Clare novels, I know, but I am glad this was my second book of hers. I liked it so much more than Lady Midnight. I love the setting and I adored the era this takes place in (Edwardian London). There is just something about how they speak and act that makes my inner female get all swoony inside. *Panty drop*

Ok, back on track here. So yes, I do love the setting and I connected with the characters a lot more than the first book I read. The premise flows beautifully, the action is exciting and the romance is frustrating but cute. Frustrating in the sense that if these people would just TALK to each other about their damn feelings things may be a little easier in life. Ya know... that whole "communication is key" thing. Anywho.

Outside of all of these positive points I have to be honest with myself that the Shadowhunter world may not be my cup of tea. There is truly nothing wrong with it but there is just something about them that doesn't make them memorable for me. I do own all of the other books and need to read those and I will give the first book it's due justice. Maybe going back towards the beginning will grow my love a little more.

This book should be a solid 5/5 for those already in love with the Shadowhunter world. I highly recommend the audiobook if you haven't had the pleasure of Finty Williams.