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Cassandra Clare's books never fail to amaze me, every book is more complex and captivating than the last. I am so excited for this trilogy; the plotline she's set up in this book is very interesting and I'm really excited to see where it will go. The diversity in this book is amazing and I love the relationship dynamics. I really loved the Persian heritage and some of the cultural aspects we get in this book despite it being fantasy. I really hope we get to see this continued throughout the other books. The plot twists in this book is also amazing and the world of Shadowhunters invites you in every time. There's also the little tidbits we get about Will and Tessa and Jem that I love so much. There is a ton of strong characters and I adore so many of them. If you love the other Shadowhunter books you will love this one! I cannot wait for the next book.