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We return to the world of The Infernal Devices, this time focusing on the next generation of Shadowhunters of the London Institute. After years of peace, London’s tranquility is broken by a series of bizarre demon attacks. James Herondale, Cordelia Carstairs, and their friends must figure out who is behind the attacks while navigating their own complex relationships with each other and their families.

Plot: 4/5
The overall plot seemed very standard shadowhunters with some new demon orchestrating everything, etc. etc. I was really taken in by the intricacies of the families plot though, like what was happening with each of their different families. The little flashback chapters in between the longer ones were also nice insights into each of the characters. However, I do think this book could have been a lot better if the ending wasn’t already pre-determined due to this being a prequel series? Like Cassis Clare has kind of written herself into a spot where she can only fill in the blanks and not really change the ending, yanno.

Pacing: 3/5
The first half was really slow and I definitely put down the book several times. But by the end, I had to read the rest in one go because lots of things were happening and I had to find out how it ended.

Worldbuilding: 4/5 I guess???
I mean she mostly built the world up with her other books? It was cool to see the idea of separate universes once again, even though Ragnor Fell’s explanation of them wasn’t super clear. I also. Really want. More Asian Shadowhunters. From the Asian Institutes.

Characters: 6/5
It was initially really hard to keep track of who’s who since they’re all related and stuff but WOW I LOVE ALL OF THEM. The way they all interact is very precious and like squad goals???? Like I don’t even care that much about like shipping characters I just want them to be happy and do dumb things together 🥺 Literally Alastair and Cordelia are the most precious siblings ever and I want many many books featuring just them and their childhood.

Also Lucie is a precious bean and I would die for her.

I’d recommend for:
-People who loved TID
-People who like found family tropes!
-People who have big brains and can keep all the names straight

Overall thoughts:
Cassie Clare is killing me with the angst but I like. Need more. Also everyone just needs a hug.