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I'm rereading The Last Hours for Chain of Thorns, and I am completely awed by this book. I love the depth of the characters and I love how developed the setting is, and I love how you can still understand the worst of the characters. I love how it's about redemption and new chances. I really like this author's writing style and I love how she draws out friendships and relationships.
This story is set in early 1900s London, and it mainly follows Cordelia Carstairs and her quest to bring back honor to her family, after her father might've ruined it, and about the Herondales and the Lightwoods and the Fairchilds, who have been important in previous series. It's about friends who'd do anything for another and family that's there for you, and the book feels like a cup of warm coffee or a fireplace, there for you whenever you need a little boost in your soul.