I really liked it!

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The world this book is a part of has always been something I loved. To say I was waiting for this forever is an understatement. I was absolutely in love with the infernal devices and just wanted so much more and when I found out this was coming, I was so gitty. I will say it obviously doesn't feel the same. I was expecting a little more especially with the author's writing in her previous books, but I still absolutely adore this. The characters I loved a lot even though I did get mad at them a few times hahaha. THE QUOTES WERE SO GOOD. I AM QUOTING THEM ALMOST EVERY DAY. To be honest though, these books are starting to get dragged out. Of course, I want more and more, but I can almost feel like there should be an end. I mean even the writing gets tired. I want something new. A new plot. New storyline. New world. New characters. And of course more diversity. Those are the reasons I would give it 4 stars and not 5.