I loved it!

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It's crazy how much I love these characters! I loved seeing the infernal devices' characters be parents. The plot was so nicely done, I loved how this woman finds new and creative ways to keep the characters apart and torture me in the process. My favorite characters have to be Matthew and Anna, mind you all the other characters are amazing too, Cordelia is a badass and Jamie is just such a cutie.

I loved how much angst Cassie can still pack in a book. I really liked how so many characters were lgbtq+ and were accepting of their own and other people's sexuality. I feel like friendship between James and Matthew was lacking a little bit because of Matthew being a little secretive, but I loved what we got. It was action packed, with adorable characters, some scenes were actual comedic gold.

I think The last hour might be my favorite series in the Shadowhunter chronicles now.