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3 stars/5 stars
This book is set in the Shadowhunter World in the 1900s.The story follows the adventures of Will and Tessa's children(and the other characters from The Infernal Devices).The pacing of the plot was a bit slow but the language and writing style were perfect.The characters themselves were well built but grew frustrating from time to time.The antagonist was a bit dull and his/her character missed the mark by several inches.But what the book does do well is its relationships between the characters draws the readers in and captivates them.Probably the only reason I'm still reading the book.

Everyone loved the book.Okay I get it, I did too at a certain level. But for people who've read through all of Cassandra's books,this just felt repetitive.Now hear me out,I can name various instances off the top of my head where the plot of this book felt Deja Vu (if you will). I will not spoil anything for you so you'll just have to take my word.
This is probably one of the dangers of creating a single world and writing way too many books set in it just felt like reading any one of her series with a different set of characters.

Still I have absolutely no idea why I still read her books,but I do,so...

I'd recommend this book only if you're heavily invested in the series, otherwise it could be a hard pass(It's become seriously tedious and tiresome and repetitive)