I liked it a lot

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If you know of Cassandra Clare, then you already know what to expect with her Shadowuunter world. If you're not familiar with her, then you are missing out on this amazing world she's built that includes multiple series and thoroughly connects so many characters.

First, let me say that the cover for the book is stunning as always. If you're a true bibliophile, then you know how amazing it is to have a book with a beautiful cover on your book shelf.

So, this book was another fun dive into the Shadowhunters world. I really liked all of the characters and wanting to see what was going to happen next with each of them. They were very well developed and so was this world. Her books usually do a good job of building up worlds and cultures within those worlds which makes the characters so real and relatable. I also loved the mystery, romance, and the plot. I can't wait to see what happens next in this series. There was something to like about each character and there's sufficient mystery with each one.