Great series start!

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I liked this but not as much as Lady Midnight. Tho mad props to this world getting gayer with every installment.

Chain of Gold is about the next generation of shadowhunters at the London Institute. If you haven't read Clockwork Angel and the rest of that trilogy, I would recommend reading those before these ones as there are many overall plot spoilers for that series in this one. CoG follows several shadowhunters, but I'd say it very much revolves around Cordelia Carstairs, Lucie & James Herondale, and Matthew Fairchild.

First of all, seeing Tessa and Will as parents was a blessing I will forever be grateful for. I am so glad we get to see our babies all grown up. Jem also makes several appearances as Brother Zachariah and Uncle Jem. I loved seeing him be in Will's life and he even bonds a bit with Cordelia. That just reminds me so much of what he does for Emma and I will forever be soft for Jem.

Cordelia and Lucie were definitely standouts in this book for me. They're both so incredibly strong and I loved their characters and overall arcs so much. I'm really curious to see more of Lucie's extra demon ability and how it works. I need these two to be parabatai already, because I love this friendship so much.

Besides those two my other favorites were Matthew and Anna. Matthew is definitely caught up in some sort of love triangle/unrequited love and I don't know how to feel about my sweet boy being in pain. Anna is an icon. I love her so much and I need a whole book about her. Please and thank you. Magnus is also in this and like ugh. He makes every scene he's in better just by existing. I love him so much.

The reason why this isn't five stars is because for as long as this book is, the plot felt quite lacking for a Shadowhunter book. I easily loved these characters, and since this is a spinoff series, the world in general is already formed. But I still felt like there was a lack of plot momentum. It could be because the villains aren't truly revealed until the end, but this mostly felt like a bunch of characters becoming friends. I hope there will be a stronger uniting plot with the next book.

Rep: Biracial (Persian and white) heterosexual female MC, white half-Welsh heterosexual female MC, white half-Welsh heterosexual male MC, white bisexual male MC, biracial (Persian and white) gay male side character, white gay male side character, lesbian gender non-conforming side character, Malaysian bisexual male warlock, biracial (Chinese and white) male side character, sapphic female side character.