Cassandra Clare is back at it again!

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Set in the early years of Edwardian England, with occasional flashbacks to Victorian England. We are lead back into the Shadow World but this time, following the generation after The Infernal Devices. Following their children and the adventures that they experience. I feel that if you have not yet read The Infernal Devices, I suggest you read them first, and other excerpts of novellas have been hinted at but no other series are really needed to understand the plot. Although, I suggest that to enjoy the 'full experience' in the Shadow World and to avoid any possible disappointment, I would suggest to read the books in the order on the website : .

The style of writing in Cassandra Clare's books seem to be getting better for each series that she writes! Having read all of them, I can confirm that Chain of Gold not only exceeds the expectations for this long awaited series, but also includes another gripping plot that has us fans hooked until next year for Chain of Iron. The character development is absolutely amazing, although the only part that was rather tricky was knowing who was who! We are almost immediately introduced with the next generation and I did not really get who's children were who until about 100 of the pages in. I am rather slow with names so maybe that is just me, but just a word of warning: our favourites had a LOT of children.

One of the things I love about Cassandra Clare's books is how she includes so much diversity in her characters. For example, as a Chinese, I have loved Jem Carstairs (who is half Chinese) and makes the readers feel much more engaged and attached with the characters. In this case, Cordelia Carstairs is half Persian and I know that many readers have loved the books even more due to their representation in the books (including sexuality!).

Yet again, Cassandra Clare has done it again and whisked us away into the Shadow World and not only do we get to see our favourite characters from The Infernal Devices flourish, but we also get to experience all the twists and turns in the relationships of their children. For those especially interested in the romance part, you will not be disappointed; Cassandra Clare knows how to mess with our hearts.