Cassandra Clare does it again!

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Recent YA reads had me worried that I'd finally aged out of the category, but the brilliance of Chain of Gold showed me that I was just reading sub-par stories. It's amazing how Clare manages to drop a reader into a story and have us care about her characters from the get-go. Yes, this is pretty much a continuation of the story that began with Infernal Devices as we're now dealing with those character's children, however, James and Lucie and Cordelia and all the rest (of whom there are many to fall in love with) are original characters that tug at your interest from page one.
Book one in a brand-new series, Chain of Gold sees past actions and secrets come back to haunt the Shadowhunters of London when a series of unusual demon attacks has the city on lockdown and the adults scrambling to stop them. Into the fray come James and Lucie Herondale, children of Will and Tessa from Infernal Devices, and all of their friends.
There is action, suspense, romance, people keeping secrets, ghosts, dark magic, major revelations, and, of course, love to keep things going. I will admit that a couple of the twists were things I figured out way before they were revealed, but it is so well written that I can't even fault it for that.
Definitely a book worth picking up if you enjoy the Shadowhunter World, but be advised that it might be better enjoyed if you've already read (at least) Infernal Devices because there are a lot of character interactions and motivations that derive directly from that series.