Another instant favorite!

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Cassie has done it again. I don't know how but she keeps outdoing herself and I am here for it. In this newest addition to the shadowhunter universe we see our favorite characters living the lives we dreamed they would live. This story follows the kids of Tessa and Will, Sophie and Gideon, Charlotte and Henry, and Cecily and Gabriel. James and Lucy Herondale are everything their parents were and more. Lucy is smart and headstrong just like her mother Tessa and James is fearless and loyal just like his father Will. Each has their own journey to take and their own mystery to solve but they find themselves drawn into a much bigger problem than they realized. Cordelia Carstairs is nothing like her father Elias but she is fiercely loyal to the herondales much like her uncle Jem. She is Lucy's best friend and future parabatai. Together they can take on the world... if only everyone wasn't keeping secrets and trying to fight their battles alone.

This book has everything: drama, mystery, amazing characters. I loved every second.