Another Great Shadowhunters Novel

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Chain of Gold is the next set of Shadowhunter books. They take place in the generation after the Infernal Devices and center around Will and Tessa’s children James and Lucie. There were a lot of new characters in this book some I knew and others I didn’t. The amount of new (to me at least) characters was overwhelming at first, and I did pull up a family tree a couple of times to clarify who was who.

Once I got to know all of the characters I really liked them. James and Lucie are very much the children of Tessa and Will. I also loved Cordelia and Matthew. There are quite a few great characters and I really think that Clare is getting better and better at having amazing side characters as well as more diversity. This book is very much a “first novel” in a series. While there was a solid plot with a resolution, not everything was resolved and I have my suspicions a lot of things aren’t as they appear.

You will also be happy to know that your favorites from other Shadowhunter novels are in this book. Personally, I was not the biggest fan of The Dark Artifices series, but so far this The Last Hours is shaping up to be an amazing series. I am already eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.