And she strikes again

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Let me just start off by saying I love anything Cassandra Clare .She is by far me favorite author and probably the only one there will be .I have loved her writing sense 8 grade when I first tried something other than romance.I have read the mortal instrument and infernal devices.I loved these series.I have yet to read this book and the other stories.I am in love with her writing and this world she created.I wish I could live in that world,but let’s be honest I wouldn’t survive in it.I have all her book in my collection.I have yet to get my hands on this book.I can already tell I am going to fall in love with this characters.I can’t wait to read it.So I will be on my way to the book store to get me hands on the book for sure heheh.Will is the love of my life I can’t wait to follow his daughter’s life story and get heartbroken again oh well .I signed up for it.