An Amazing Story!

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I have read mostly ALL of Cassandra Clare's books! I really enjoyed her newest series, The Last Hours! I love all of her characters! Especially Matthew, Lucie, and Cordelia. I also really liked seeing Will and Tessa again, and seeing their lives in London after their story!
As for the plotline, James and Cordelias story really interested me. With James fading again and again into the shadows and Cordelia's unrequited love for James. I love how their both into reading and how Cordelias amazing with Cortana! And with Lucie and Jesse, Lucie has a big passion for writing and I'm curious on HOW she's gonna end up with Jesse when he's a ghost. I wasn't very sure about Jesse's character at first, I thought he was going to be a bad character or maybe a character with a redemption arc but I slowly started to like him. With Grace I'm not really sure about her, I thinks she's okay. I wanna see how she turns better in the next books.
The writing In the book was great too. I really liked the poetry/quotes at the beginning of each chapter.
Overall it was a great read and I'm excited for rest of the series!