AMAZING, just not 5 stars

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I thought this book was SO GOOD! The characters were so fun and I loved reading this book! The end of this book tore me up! BEWARE! I read the novella no dips before reading this and it really helped. Recommend this book, but make sure you read the other books to fully understand it.

Chain of Gold is about Cordelia Carstairs and many other of her friends, we see Will, Tessa and many other characters from The Infernal Devices, which was great! I loved this book, but I was not attached to it and loved it as much as everyone else. I thought it was amazing, but not a 5 star read. I really liked Anna Lightwood and she was just such a cool character. Cordelia is an average character for me just like all the other girl characters in Cassandra Clare's books. Overall loved it, can’t wait for next one.