A Very Good Beginning!

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I thoroughly enjoy Cassie's writing. Something about this novel calls to me. It could be the lush descriptions of 20th century England that does it--or it could be the lovely prose. Either way, it's a beautiful and romantic start to a new trilogy.

I loved that Lucie is trying to get into writing books. That seems like something a Herondale would do with great joy. Cordelia also seems to be a very poignant main character--with her desire to help and her genuine nature.

The plot seems to be right up my alley, with some kind of mysterious power tracing through the shadow world, and the children of the characters of the Infernal Devices meeting the challenge head on.

Overall, I think this will be a knock-it-out-of-the-park book. Also, I wanted to add that adored the part where James walks on the other side of the street while he's chaperoning Lucie and Cordelia's walk. That was so cute!