A Slow Historical Fantasy

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This is a 3.5 for me. I love Cassandra Clare and would anything she writes and I’ve loved all of her past books. This book had all the factors for me to love it; it was a historical shadowhunter tale, we got to see some more of Will, Tessa, and Jem, and action packed shadowhunter fighting. But this just missed the mark for me. It was slow paced, almost too slow and unable to hold my attention at times. Some situations were solved a little too easily and Cassandra is known for doing this to build a bigger and better plot, but it kept happening to the point that it felt overused.

And don’t get me started on Grace. Grace was the most frustrating and pointless character. ***SPOILER*** I’m like 99% sure she’s evil and more manipulative than she lets on, but still, what on earth can James even see in her? Less of Grace in the second book please.

Cordelia is Queen. She is perfect. I adore her.
Jesse was also a new and interesting character, I’d like to see more of his story in the series later on.

Basically, this was just slow and a bit boring. I still read it because the moments that were good and captivating were pure gold, that I just kept searching for those moments again. I hope the second book is much better.