A fun return to the shadowhunters chronicles

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I have read every single Shadowhunters novel and probably will continue to until the day I die. I was so excited to return to London, this time in the Victorian era with the children of the protagonists from The Infernal Devices series.

I was hooked from the first page and then felt myself slowing down and losing interest about 200 pages in to this 700-page book. There were just too many characters to keep track of and understand how they were related or not related or friends or enemies. I found characters I'm pretty sure I was supposed to hate super compelling while shaking my head at the ones I used to love. Around the 400 page mark, when the story moved from complicated relationships to a mystery that needed solving I was sucked back in and zoomed to the end. Overall I would recommend this book, though I would definitely read the Infernal Devices series first to give you necessary background information.