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Alfred Hitchcock tells us that when a gun is introduced in the first act, we should expect it to be used by the third act. When the owner of the gun in question is losing their short term memory, the jitters waiting for that gun to go off can get intense.
Joey Green came back to Beaufort, South Carolina, to visit his parents. His father is losing his short term memory and his mother needs a break from being his caretaker. The only rule Mom leaves with Joey before taking the weekend off is to keep the outside doors locked.
Dad's short term memory may be going, but his memory of the past is still with him. In fact, it seems to be getting stronger. He's telling Joey tales from his early life that Joey hasn't heard before.Some of those stories seem to cover crimes. Most can be laid off as youthful hi-jinks, but some have a darker cast. Then, one night, when the was a loud thunderstorm, Joey forgets to check the back door. A man from Dad's past is shot. Did Dad have something to do with it?
This is a neat murder mystery. The big question is, did the past have lots to do with the murder, or was its cause closer in time to now. Joey has to find out before the police close in and before his mother gets home from her weekend off.
I liked the pacing of this story. I did get a few points before the story confirmed them, so I fingered the killer before Joey. I wasn't too far ahead of him and I like that. This was a fun book.