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This was my first book by this author and won't be the last. I loved the setting in this story, taking place in Beaufort, SC. I've never been there but this book made me want to visit! Beautiful, but not overdone descriptions. The characters were relatable and nearly all of them were likeable, which I consider pretty good, sometimes I don't even like one character in a book LOL. The story was about Joey, a divorced dad living in Chicago who uses his 'no kids' Spring Break to go visit his parents in SC. They retired there a few years back, and then his father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia. He gives his mother a few days break to take a much needed respite with her friends. His dad, who has been a selfless, caring father and doctor his whole life, sometimes can't remember seeing Joey 15 minutes ago, but has amazing clarity on the long ago past. He starts seeing and conversing with people that are long dead, and telling some ominous stories. A prominent man is then murdered and the police zero in on the father bc they believe it was his old gun that was used. Joey has to do his own sleuthing to find out who really did the murdering before the police arrest his father.

This story was fast paced, taking place in about a week's time, had nice retellings of past memories from many characters, had a great sub-story about Joey and a neighbor falling hard and fast for each other and teaming up to solve the crime, it tied everything up nicely, and had a complete epilogue to fill the reader in on where everyone is 5 years later. Definitely recommend!