Murder mystery with southern charm and a touch of romance!

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While visiting his father, Marshall, who suffers from dementia (specifically Lewy Body Dementia), Joey uncovers surprising secrets in his dad's past. Who murdered brothers Thomas and Roy Hammond decades apart and why?

When embarking on a trip to visit his aging parents, Joey sure didn't expect to spend his time investigating not one, but two murders! This southern fiction story was more than a murder mystery though; it was also a very tender story about a father and a son. What lengths will Joey go to protect his dad? And does his dad even need protecting? Carolina Moonset exhibited plenty of southern charm and even a touch of romance with Joey dating Leela, the neighbor's daughter. I enjoyed the writing, Joey and Leela's fun banter, the sweet moments between Joey and his parents, and the unexpected moments of humor.

Location: Beaufort, South Carolina

I received an advance copy of this book from BookishFirst. All opinions are my own.