Intriguing and Fast Paced

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I found Mr. Goldman’s story about family in Carolina Moonset to be well written, fast paced, and compelling. The plot centered around Joey’s efforts to keep his father Marshall from being arrested for murder. Marshall had been a compassionate doctor in his younger years, caring for the less fortunate and earning less than he could have. In his 70’s he developed Lewy Body Dementia, retaining memories from the past but losing his short term memory. Evidence made it appear he could have been responsible for a murder. The plot was tight knit and moved along logically with a few surprises as it unfolded.
The love between family members and friends was evident as they interacted with each other, providing the reader with characters one could easily care about. Their dialogue was exactly as real people would talk and quite witty at times as Joey and his romantic interest Leela exchanged humorous comments when getting to know one another.
This is a story containing secrets from the past, mystery, and memorable characters who work to solve a new murder and uncover old secrets.