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This book is one I’m surprised I liked because it isn’t one I’m usually reading. The characters developed in this book kept the mysteries of what was happening and I kept guessing. The plot was so strong and I felt like I was actually in that town. This was answered by characters who have lived their lives in or near Beaufort. The flavor of the southern town came through as genuine and picturesque. I could smell the saltwater marshes. I could feel the warm sun.
The author did a great job of tying up all the loose ends to my satisfaction.
This is a light read and moves fast if you let it.
I recommend this book. It should be one everyone's Summer Reading List. This is one that I hope they make into a movie, it was so good and surprised me in every way. I like the town and I hope to visit a town like that one day. I like being around water and I enjoyed it a lot.